Who we work with

We support investors, policymakers, providers and consumers with identity and personal data challenges

We help investors understand the digital identity ecosystem so they can make informed investment decisions. We advise investors on potential relationships and alliances, cracking the code of the digital identity market for commercial return.

We help policymakers understand the benefits that digital identity can deliver, and provide a roadmap for aligning standards, governance, regulation and legislation for the economy. We are experts at engagement and can build strong programmes to deliver successful policy consultation.

We help identity providers to understand the policy landscape, assess market opportunities and evaluate the performance of their identity products. We understand the language spoken in both commercial and government environments, and can translate digital identity benefits for these audiences. We help providers think about the organisational capabilities they need to succeed in what is rapidly becoming a highly-competitive marketplace: the right skills to deliver the right solutions at the right time will be critical in this new market.

We help identity consumers to realise the benefits of digital identity solutions in their organisations. We help to build the business case for digital identity, identifying strong service designs, required technologies and potential risks. We have worked in and consulted to a range of industries supporting an array of digital identity use cases - financial services, travel, healthcare, home-buying, employment, security, oil and gas, retail - and we understand the business processes to which digital identity and personal data solutions are being applied.